My name is Josip. I live in Slavonski Brod in Croatia. I am going to describe what is happening on Croatian roads and how we can prevent road accidents. I am going to write about accidents that I’ve seen or read about in newspapers.

26th June, 2008
On the junction between Otocac and tunnel Plasina, on the highway Zagreb-Sestanovac, before seven o'clock a.m. people were encountered with a serious traffic accident in which one person died and four people easily injured. Two people were transported to Karlovac and two to Gospic hospital.

29th July, 2006
In a serious accident, which was on Friday 29th July, 2006 after 12.30, in the tunnel Ledenik, four people were killed and seven people were injured when a truck crashed into cars.
 The tragedy happened on the section between the tunnel Sveti Rok and city of Zadar on the highway Zagreb-Split, 100 meters before the northern exit from the tunnel that is 746 meters long.
In that terrible accident two young mothers and their small children were killed.

30th July, 2008
Three people were killed and one was seriously injured in a car crash between "Clio", from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a local bus. The passengers in "Clio" were hurt, the driver and two women died, and one seriously injured woman was transported to the Gospic hospital. The passengers on the bus were not injured.

10th August, 2008
Accident caused by a 35-year old motor-driver on "Yamaha" from Split, who was driving towards Solin, riding over allowed speed of 100 km per hour, crashed into a motocultivator. The driver was killed, his partner badly injured. The  motocultivator driver and his wife from Kastel Luksic were dropped from the motocultivator and both were severely injured but out of the death threat.

15th August, 2008
In a tragic accident that occurred at 6.30 am on the Adriatic road (D 8) at ZaboriC, two boys died. They were from the Dubrava near Sibenik - 20-year-old J. Š. and 21-year-old M.R.

7th September, 2008
In the accident which happened on the highway near the Croatian town of Gospic 13 killed and another 20 people injured.
 An accident happened early on Sunday morning about 6 am on the highway Zagreb - Split when the bus with Slovak registry labels stroked into the concrete overpass pylon, carried by Croatian media.
At the moment of accident 49 passengers were sleeping on the bus.

10th September, 2008
Four people were injured in a serious traffic accident that occurred on 10th September in Zagreb, in Slavonia Avenue on turning to Kruge.

26th September, 2008
Zadar (Sukosan)    
Yesterday morning about at about 7:30, at the intersection of Sukosan - Debeljak, we’ve encountered a traffic accident with two vehicles involved.

In this report, I wanted to show you that all drivers were younger then 30 years old. I know how to prevent these accidents. I think they must set up more police officers on highways and other roads. They should make up a police force that would serve only to traffic.
You could see that 50% of drivers were drunk. I think that they should introduce 0,0% of alcohol in blood. I hope the authorities will do it one day and when all this is  achieved and in Croatia  there will no longer be injured people.