I have never thought about sea accidents before but last summer I noticed a lot of news about them on TV and I started to pay attention.
            Many of them were accidents with tragic consequences for young people. On 22nd August 2008, on a sunny day, one of many accidents happened. One German tourist fell in the sea and a powerboat passed over his head. Nobody could save him.
A few days ago one little girl fell off the ship but fortunately her father jumped and caught her and they both were saved after two hours. In August also, a dead body of Slovene was found in the sea near Rovinj and his wounds showed that somebody run over him. On the 14th August even two more accidents happened. First one was between Dugi Otok and Kornati. A 12 years old French girl fell off the ship and the ship passed over her body. Her life was saved in the hospital in Zadar where she underwent a very difficult operation of her head. The same day two Germans stroked with a powerboat to the seaside rock and the driver was badly injured. One of the most horrible sea accidents happened when the powerboat ran to 16 years old Austrian and to his 13 years old brother at 180 meters from the coast. The older brother was killed and a younger brother lost his leg a few days after that.
            Of course, I’ve enumerated only a few tragic events. Only in July about ten similar accidents happened in Croatia. The point is why it happened and why the numbers of accidents are bigger every year.
As I’ve found out Croatia has very strict laws but the problem is that many people, drivers, swimmers and divers don’t care about it and they expose themselves and other people to danger. People from harbour Master’s Office are supposed to to be in control of the traffic on the sea and they can punish drivers for fast driving near the coast. Of course they can’t catch everybody because it’s very large area they have to control.
            Another aspect of accidents on the sea is a danger of ecological consequences if oil or other danger substances leak out. That kind of accidents could be fatal for living world in the sea.
            All these accidents should be a lessons and I think the government ought to determine all circumstances and the causes with the aim of improving safety of life on the sea and the avoidance of accidents in the future.
How to solve this problem? I don’t know and I think nobody does. Irresponsible people will behave in the same way but maybe it is possible to reduce a number of them with education and with punishments.

Dragutin Mišskic, 8b
School IGK