Marsha Goren: Winner of the 2006 Educational Award

Article from Ma Bapetach Newspaper Petach Tikva.
The First in Education.
Marsha Goren was awarded an award as the Educator of the year 2006 from the Yad Vashem Institute and the Minister of education Prof. Yuli Tamir. Marsha who initiated a project to educate children through a website on the net dedicated the site to her mother Sonia Frenkel, may she rest in peace. The children from Ein Ganim write to children around the world and they learn about the Holocaust through this dialogue.

Letter received during the summer, acknowledging award: (English translation & image)

Mrs. Marsha Goren
Project Coordinator

Subject: Yad Vashem Awards for 2006

We are honored to inform you that the educator Mrs. Marsha Goren has been chosen to receive the prestigious educational award that Yad Vashem gives to educators who teach and educate children about the Holocaust. The prize will be awarded by the Hono and Belima Newman foundation.

The judges from Yad Vashem were highly impressed with Marsha's work in preserving the Holocaust for the next generation.They were impressed with the amount of knowledge and interest that the students showed in Marsha's lesson, from Marsha's dedication to her students and with the unique learning atmosphere that exists at Ein Ganim.

The ceremony will take place in October after the high holy Jewish holidays. We will inform you of the exact date and what we expect from you at the ceremony. Congratulations!

Best wishes,
Dalit Danenberg
Prize coordinator at Yad Vashem