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                                                    Port Orange, FL 32129
                                                      September 24, 2009

Marsha Goren
Ein Ganim School
Petach Tikva, Israel

Dear Marsha,

Subject: Crystal Reel Award

On behalf of all of us at Blue Heron International Pictures, I extend to you heart-felt greetings and congratulations for a job well done. As Educational Outreach Coordinator for Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo, you have made it possible for students and teachers throughout the world to learn the lessons which only The Holocaust can uniquely teach us.

We have received letters from children throughout Europe, India, Israel and America telling us how much Safe Haven's message of tolerance and compassion means to them. You are truly doing your part in repairing the world.

We are pleased to be sending you one of the prestigious Crystal Reel Awards from the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association. It reads: 'Best Documentary: Safe Haven.' You have played a vital role in making this inspiring film meaningful throughout the world. You also are one of the best.

Richard Lester, Executive Producer
Blue Heron International Pictures LLC

At the 2009 Crystal Reel Awards ceremonies, sponsored in September by the Florida Motion Picture & Television Association, Safe Haven was honored with seven Crystal Reels.
 "The Crystal Reel is Florida's equivalent of an Academy Award," said state FMPTA President Carol Ferrill. "It's the highest honor we can bestow."

Producers Feliks Pastusiak and Alex Ringer, along with Education Coordinator Marsha Goren, were honored with a Best Production award.
Gary Lester received Crystal Reels for Best Director, Best Editing, Best Trailer, and Best Edited Trailer.

Richard Lester won Best Screenplay, and Anthony Reece won Best Narration.
"It just doesn't get any better than that!" said Gary Lester.


Hi Marsha,

Here is what I said Saturday at the Blue Heron Awards Banquet:

Our next honoree is Marsha Goren in Israel.

Marsha is the education outreach coordinator for Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo, which has now been seen by more than three million people around the world, from America to Europe, and from the Middle East to as far as New Delhi, India. Thanks to Marsha, a wonderful teacher in Poland learned of Safe Haven and even developed a student study guide to go along with the film. Because of Marsha, the film's timeless message of tolerance, understanding, and empathy toward others is reaching young hearts and minds throughout the world.

Presenting her award is PBS television star and associate producer for Safe Haven, Charlie Carlson. Accepting the award for Marsha is Safe Haven director Gary Lester.( photo1)

Hollywood legend Johnny Duncan presents Gary Lester with a Crystal Reel award for Best Director,
Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo.