About Marsha...
Marsha Goren was born in Waterbury, Connecticut and went to college in Israel, where she met and married Moshe Goren. She became a teacher of English in the Israeli school system, and for many years taught at Ein Ganim School in Petach Tikva. She was an innovative teacher from the beginning, but, she wanted to go even further and do more to make education non-traditional, and the learning of English interesting.

When computers arrived, it took her no time at all to realize that this was a great tool. Together with a group of students in 2001 she, created “Dream a dream with Ein Ganim”, whose purpose was to bring children from different countries together. It ended up being nicknamed GlobalDreamers, and that name has remained.

Marsha discovered Global Virtual Classroom in 2005, when she participated in the web design contest with India and the USA. Each year after that, Marsha and her students were active participants in the GVC program, partnering with other countries and sharing cultures.

At the end of the school year in 2010-11, Marsha retired as a regular teacher. She still continues to teach enrichment classes at America English School in Petach Tikva, but also wanted to continue involvement with global outreach. GVC offered her the opportunity to become the project coordinator for the GVC Clubhouse. She happily accepted and has initiated several successful projects.

She initiates a yearly Holocaust Remembrance project honoring the memory of her mother, Sonya Welis Frenkel, a survivor of Auschwitz. Each year’s project begins with the International Remembrance Day, and continues through the year. Marsha will also Skype or Google Hangout with Students about her mother’s life, if a mutual time can be agreed upon.

World Peace is also a yearly project which begins with the PeaceOneDay and continues through the year.

Other projects are also found on the GVC Clubhouse.

Marsha has a loving and supportive husband, two beautiful daughters, and four very active grandchildren who love to spend time with Grannie!

Contact Information:
marsha@gsbi.org or marsha@globaldreamers.org
Skype: marsha goren
G+: Marsha Goren – America English School
2006 Yad Vashem's Educator of the Year - excellence in Holocaust teaching
Zola Development Award for Holocaust Teaching from the University of Hartford. May 10, 2006.


      Exemplary Teacher Award for 2011 Peace Project.
      Featured teacher for her Road Safety unit.
      Recipient of the Mike Casey Global Educational Award
      Teacher Ambassador - 2010. One of ten awardees from around the world.
      Teacher's Spotlight

Mofet Award from the Municipality of Petech Tikvah, Israel

November 26, 2009 - In Villinus, Lithuania at the EUN conference - elearning award: "Beyond Europe - global collaboration" for 2009 Peace project.

2009 Safe Haven  - Crystal Reel Award

Global Junior Challenge
2009 - Special Mention Award
      2004 - Teresa Read and Marsha Goren are finalists
      2004 - Finalist with "Shalom from Israel" "Dream A Dream With Ein Ganim"
      2002 - Dream A Dream With Ein Ganim received the twinning school award

2008 Runner up: English Teacher of the Year for Elementary Schools in Israel

2007 Tech4Learning - Innovative Teacher Award

Microsoft Innovative Teachers Forum - November, 2006

Global Virtual Classroom Website Design Contest
      2005/06 - Grand Prize: Different People, Different Places, Same Dreams
      2006/07 - Merit award-creativity: A Community of Dreamers
      2007/08 - Grand Prize: Nimohsan Space Station
      2008/09 - Grand Prize: The School of Kindness
      2009/10 - 2nd place: Past, Present, and Future Life

Global School Net - Online Shared Learning Award
      2006 - recipient of the GSN Online Shared Learning Award
      2005 - one of two finalists from outside the United States.

Microsoft Innovative Teachers - Israeli winner

2005 Presidential Award for Reading and Technology - International winner: Marsha Goren

January 2004 - Teresa Read and Marsha Goren are finalists in the Stockholm Challenge 2003-2004 with "Shalom from Israel".

October 2003 - Learning Quest Challenge - Dream a dream with Ein Ganim: International Category winner

January 2003 - Award from Intel, Israel for helping to develop the "Seeing Reason Mapping Tool". May 2003-Our unit of On the Road to Safety is the first pilot from Israel on the worldwide web-site.