Declan Galbraith -
Tell Me Why?

The song “Tell Me Why “ by Declan Galbraith is an amazing song about the hopes of peace .
Image by Eric
Declan’s song excited my students as can be seen by the feedback after learning the song. As an exercise for vocabulary I had the kids categorize words from the song such as happy words, sad words, places, animals, and words or action words about war. We then discussed it and the kids wrote the feedback. [Click here for lyrics.]


You can also find this fantastic song on Youtube for your students at the link below.



I  like the song he is very powerful. The singer sings well. The song is perfect Eldar 5th grade

I think the song is a very powerful because children scream about what happing in the world, about all the children suffering in war  
Ellaey 5th grade

I think that the song is a bit sad, but the writers gave us a wonderful message.
The song is talking about problems in the world in an amazing way.
The song is powerful and hopeful.

Inbar l. and Ester D.

I was impressed from the song.
This was beautiful.
The boy sings the song beautiful.
The song is very important because the song talk about peace. Matan 5th grade

The song is very special and full in powerful.
I felt weird because the song is exciting and I was excited.
I think the message is very important. Shaked

In the song I saw a lot of feelings.
Declan is a good singer and he sings the song so excitingly!
I love this sing!!! The words are so true and strong; they tell me what happens all the time. Reut


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