Peace Messages Written by Takamori High School Students
Class 2-1

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I hadn’t written such a long English message before, but I think I can write better English essay on peace than I had expected. I had a reply personally because I presented my peace message early.  I’m very happy to have a reply from Korean ALT and students.  They wrote about mines in Cambodia more concretely than I had written, so I could learn more about this problem.

I also read a message written by a senior student in our school. She wrote about Auschwitz concentration camps.  To tell the truth, I had studied this problem for a graduation thesis when I was a junior high school student.  It’s very cruel and we shouldn’t repeat such terrible things.  She said, “We should know about war properly,” and, “Everyone has to have a kind heart and cooperate with each other.”  I think so too because all the leaders of the wars have an egotistical mind.  The most important thing is to have a kind heart.  I think the most impressive messages from foreign countries are the poems from India.  I read English poems for the first time, and I was moved by the poems very much.  Moreover, Sreejoni used rhymes.  I didn’t know English poems also have rhymes like Japanese and Chinese poems do.  Sreejoni’s messages are very poetic.  I think most people were impressed by his messages.  I really hope that people all over the world will live comfortably without fear of war or mines someday.