we can change the world
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Peace and Me

It starts with me, because although one person alone cannot make a difference, one person with others can make a difference. I can make a group of people who all believe in one common principal involving peace. These people can help get petitions signed, have walks to raise awareness, and also help pass bills promoting peace. If a large enough group of people gather in one place to promote one specific thing can make a huge difference in our world as long as there as they truly help to promote the cause you are working for.

Another way I can help make peace is help the nature around us. Although it does not bring world peace, it brings us to a sort of peace with the environment. Having the environment be a better place can allow the earth to live longer, even if it is not entirely peaceful. We cannot have true peace if we work towards it by killing the environment around it.

Finally, I can make a difference in the peace of the world because I can help people who would represent the ideals of peace in the White House and in congress among other places in Washington DC as well as in my own state, county, and city.

In the end, peace needs people who want it to happen. Although I cannot directly make a difference alone, if other people are with me, then we'd be more heard and make more of a difference. Also, true peace requires the environment to be healthy so we aren't working for peace on a ruined world. Finally, peace requires people to elect the right people who support their values of peace for the world, so they can represent you and all of the others like you who promote peace.


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