Prayers with hope || Prayers for peace

I pray that global warming stops and that there is world peace. Also that my grandparents can live for a long time.
My prayer for the world is that all the countries in the world can come together to help decrease the amount of Global Warming in the world.

By Dominic
I would like to pray for world peace. God created this world so we could live in it peacefully. Let us fulfill his dream.

I want to pray for the soldiers in Iraq.

I would like to pray for:

  • For all of the troops in Iraq fighting in the war that they may come home soon without a scratch
  • For world peace
  • That Barack Obama lead our country in the right direction
  • For the economic crisis in our country
  • That every one has a happy life

Thank you
Emily B.
I want to pray for world peace, and for my family including my grandparents. Emma

My Prayer

For all the foreign countries.
And all the torn hearts.
That has lost someone special
Love that spreads national.

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