Peace by Kids in California USA A Vision for all Peace in the world Peace our wish and dream

I Love the World Too Much For It to Get Destroyed


G-d created the world for peace
And happiness not war, frustration,
And stress.



Hi, I am 11 years old from the U.S.A. War is a bad thing. I feel that war should be put to an end. I want to do what ever I can to help the soldiers and the people on the southwest side.
I hope that the Hamas go away. There should always be Peace!!!!
I hope there will be no War between any countries. There is no point of war. Let there be PEACE. The soldiers should never give up until the Hamas are Gone. The Jewish people should always defend their country. Peace can happen in a lot of ways. The countries can sign a peace treaty or they can give each other what they want and stop the war. There is a lot of ways peace can be made.


          Hi, I’m from the U.S.A. War is a horrible thing. It creates problems and sorrow. Well, it’s a lot more than sorrow…it’s terrifying, horrifying, mortifying. We shouldn’t have to deal with feelings such as these. War effects everyone everywhere, even kids like me.
I hope that someday people will be happy with what they have. They won’t long for more. People should be happy with their race, color of their skin, their age, how much land that they own. Every community will rejoice together. Kids will have a smile on their face. War effects EVERYONE, so do something to help. When you are done sitting and reading this letter, stand up and take action. All we need is one person to spread their love and kindness to stop all of these terrible feelings.

Hi. I am from the United States of America.  I believe that war should never be necessary.  People should not even give a country a reason to declare a war.  Everybody should just live in peace.  If someone is harming someone, it should be for a reason.  One of the very few reasons should be if a person or animal is harming or threatening you.
I hope that the world would someday work together in peace and harmony.  It would make everyone happier and healthier.  We would also help humans move forward in technology.  I think we would all be happier.

Let There Be Peace
I’m from the United States of America. I believe that there shouldn’t be war anywhere. War is very unhealthy and scary. Imagine you are living in a time of war in you country and suddenly you get warned that you have about ten seconds to get out of the place that you’re in because a bomb is about to explode. Wouldn’t it be scary if your child is not with you and suddenly you get that warning? Don’t wait until war just stops, because it’s not if we don’t stop it.    
We all need to learn to act. Most of us don’t know how bad war is just because we haven’t experienced it. War is not the answer to solve problems. We all seem like brothers and sisters fighting over who will get the biggest piece of cake. I wish we could figure out a way to get the same amount of cake.

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