let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me

Painting; Kashish G., Class 9D
Mrs. Lakshmi Srinivas, Coordinator Global Projects- St. Mark’s Senior Secondary Public School, New Delhi, India

      WAR and PEACE

People fight against each other,
Not realizing enemies
Are their own brothers.
There are disputes between two nations
Causing a rift in their relations
Today war has a new definition
It has become a topic of discussion
But does this problem have any solution?
Is this what we call civilization?
Or is it under consideration?
It is impossible to persuade mankind,
To do something to change it’s mind?
It’s high time man realizes
Or it would be too late
Man has to abolish war
Or war will abolish him
by Aakanksha (class-11)



The radioactive rays,
The poisonous phase,
The deathly days,
The burnt hay,
Where a toddler lay,
As a victim, a prey,
Fighting for life,
The innocent cried,
Howling in pain,
Which made him insane…
He crawled to his mother,
And saw her rotten body,
He looked at his father,
And realized
that he had lost everybody…

His friend with whom he used to play,
Opened his mouth,
As if he had something to say…
But the deafening silence,
Indicated death,
Death, the ultimate bet!
So love one,
Love all,
and Share your love even with the wall 

by Sreejoni (class-11)   

Love and only Love

I asked God-
Why do flowers smell so sweet?
Why does the sky spread like a blue sheet?
God answered-
It is love, my dear...
You'll find it everywhere...
I asked God again-
Why do I see blood all around?
Why do I see corpses on the ground?
God replied-
When hatred reigns,
Love drains...
Let's revive love again,
and bring an end to agony and pain

by Sreejoni (class-11)