peacePoster for peace made of 15,000 paper cranes
created by students in years 1 & 2, Takamori High School, Japan in 2006

Sadako Sasaki was two years old when Hiroshima was bombed; she died of leukemia 10 years later. Sadako attempted to fold 1000 craines. It is Japanese legend that folding 1000 craines so pleases the gods, they will grant your wish. The folding of the craines and Sadako's story have become an inspiration for children all over the world in their wish for world peace.

Nagasaki Peace Statue ||| The bombing of Hiroshima | 64th Anniversary at Nagasaki

below: posters to pray for peace Takamori High School 2008

It is with each of us that peace can begin. There are many conflicts in the world. It is with understanding that the process of peace begins; the valuing of each person; the respect for cultures that are different from our own; the willingness to share our culture while appreciating those that are different.

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