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The Book Of Ruth

It is customary to read on Shavuot already 1,300 years!

What happened to Ruth ( in the book of Ruth from the Bible)?

The story starts with five verses that talk about Elimeleh. We learn about the family of Elimelech. It included Elimelech, his wife Naomi, and 2 boys – Machlon and Chilion. This family was in “the land of Israel” and they moved to Moav.

The second part of the story talks about Ruth and her family.The family passeda trauma – Elimelechdied and then the 2 boys died. Their wives were Ruth and Orpa. After the boysand their father died Naomi was left with her sons' wives. Naomi asked them togo to their houses, Orpa went but Ruth insisted on staying with Naomi. Naomiand Ruth went to the land of Israel, but they were very poor.

Ruth helped Naomi who was old.
They went to Bethlehem and there Ruth helped Naomi by taking the wheat that was left for the poor people. Poor men could take (according to the Bible) the produce that fell from the farmer’s crops. Ruth went to take the produce from Boaz’s farm, a family member of Naomi.

Boaz, the owner of the wheat fell in love with Ruth. He wanted to know more about Ruth, and she told him what she did for her mother-in-law. He was very nice to her and gave her special treament.for taking good care of her mother in law.

Ruth asked Boaz to be her husband (Naomi told her what to do) and they got married!
Boaz and Ruth had a child that turned out to be David's grandfather, the second king of Israel.

By Yaara and Doron 5th grade

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