Irit Beiser and her children

Shavuot is one of three special holidays in the year (Succot, Passover and Shavuot.) In Shavuot the Jews are going to Jerusalem and remember the reason we are celebrating that day: In Shavuot we remember the day that we got the Torah from God. We hear “Ruth scroll” in the synagogues and then we meet our families and have a big feast with lots of dairy food. We eat dairy food for some reasons:

  • Shavuot is the day when we got the Torah, and because the Torah was likened to milk, we eat dairy food.
  • When the Jews got the Torah eating meat was forbidden, so they had to eat dairy food.

Shavuot is a holiday that has a lot of names. Shavuot means “weeks” in English, and the holiday is called “Shavuot”, weeks, because we count seven weeks since Passover. It is called also the harvest holiday, because at that time of the year we harvest the wheat. Another name is Pentecost, because on that day we got the Torah. The last name is the first fruits holiday, because on that day people would start bringing to Jerusalem the first fruit they got from the earth.

A cheese meal at Pazit Goren's work place. (Marsha's neice)
Happy holiday to all.

We have some customs on Shavuot day.

An ancient custom is to decorate the houses and synagogues in green leaves and roses. We eat dairy food and especially cheese cakes and blintzes with cheese filling.

Another custom is to bring to one another a decorated basket with fruits and vegetables. There are seven fruits customary to eat on Shavuot: a pomegranate, wheat, figs, grapes, palm, olive, and barley.

Shavuot is a very special holiday and a time that all the family meets each other. Shavuot is the earth's holiday, and we are happy that it gives us our food and the beautiful panorama in our lives.

Cheesecake      Onion Cake               

by Noa, Yaara, Shir, Harel
Ein Ganim School