Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prayers

When a Jewish kid enters the sixth grade, they begin on the diffucult and tedious path to becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This represents the child becoming an adult in the eyes of the Jewish community; they can help make decisions for the Temple and for those around them. But this responsibility doesn't come easily. There is much studying, learning, preparing, and writing of speeches before the big day, and I'm here to show you through it all.

Welcome to the world of prayers! There sure are a lot of them [prayers] that a young person has to learn before becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and they aren't even in English! The prayers are in a language called Hebrew, which is the ancient language of the Jewish people. Here is a list of the prayers an average Bar or Bat Mitzvah has to learn before their ceremony (not in a specific order):

Kiddush- The Kiddush is said on Friday Evening (Shabbat). It is a prayer said over the wine, thanking God for fruit.

Kaddish- The Kaddish, not to be confused with the Kiddush, is chanted to help people mourn, and to help people not mourning pray for those mourning.

Barchu- The Barchu is a praising of God and is a short two-phrase prayer.

Yotzer- The Yotzer thanks God for light and dark (or day and night)

Shema- The Shema states that Jews only and will forever only have on.e God.

V'Ahavta- The V'Ahavta means, in direct translation, "And you shall love". The prayer is about loving God.

Tefilah- The Tefilah is a seven part prayer, and is one of the most important prayers in a service. The prayer praises Jewish ancestors, God's healing powers, praises God in thanksgiving, and prays for peace.

Blessing Before the Torah- The Blessing Before the Torah basically blesses the Torah. This is followed by the Hakafah, in which the Bar or Bat Mitzvah usually walks around the congregation carrying the Torah.

Blessing After the Torah- The Blessing After the Torah officially ends the Torah service.

Blessing Before the Haftarah- The Blessing Before the Haftarah

Blessing After the Haftarah- The Blessing After the Haftarah

by: Zettie S. and Ariel L.