For many, dreidels have become the symbol of Hanukkah. Dreidels are tops with four sides, and are the signature game of Hanukkah. To learn how to play, follow the instructions:

Get a pile of nuts or gold and silver covered chocolate coins called gelt, and give out 10 nuts or coins to each player. Make sure that you have a 4-sided dreidel. Make each person put two nuts or coins into a central pile.

The dreidel's four sides each have a different meaning. First of all, there is a nun, which looks like this:

nunIf you roll a nun, you don't take or lose anything.

Then, there is the side with a gimel, which looks like this:

gimel If you roll a gimel, you take everything in the central pile.

Then, there is the side with a hey, which looks like this:

hey If you roll a hey you take one half of the central pile.

And last, there is the side with a shin, which looks like this:

shin If you roll a shin, you put one piece into the central pile.

After everyone has had a turn, everyone puts one piece into the central pile. Play goes on until players run out of pieces and drop out.



Text: Ari L., Julian Middle School
Background: Ari L.,Julian Middle School
Banner: Hannah B.P., Julian Middle School