Remembrance Day
By Derek M.

Remembrance Day is when people go to honor the people that died. They go to honor the fallen soldiers in war. It is celebrated in Israel. It is also called Independence Day. This year it will be on a Tuesday. It is celebrated on April 24. It will start on Sunday 22.They will remember the people who fought for there country.

They begin by having a moment of silence. Followed by a minute of sirens. They do ceremonies that start at 11:00 AM.

This holiday compares to Memorial Day because we also go to honor our friends and family that have died. But is not all the same. Over 22,305 men and woman died defending there country Israel.

Remembrance Day
By Austin C.

During the Holocaust people were starving and many died. People wanted to never forget the Holocaust. They also wanted to remember the people who died in the army. They made a day to remember. This year it was on November 15, 2007.

On Remembrance Day they honor the soldiers who died fighting for independence. They have a siren and two minutes of silence. They try to do it at sundown and then sing and celebrate when they are done.

Remembrance is like our Veteran's Day. We honor our veteran's who have been in the war and the ones who have died. We have parades and celebrations to honor our veterans.

Remembrance Day
By Brady M.

It has been over 60 years since the Holocaust. For survivors, Holocaust leftovers are real and are still here, but for others 60 years makes Holocaust ancient history.

Every year they try to teach and tell others about how scary it is of the Holocaust. They answer the questions of what happened. How did it happen? HOW COULD IT HAPPEN? Will it happen again? They attempt to fight against ignorance with education and against disbelief with evidence.

We pretty much do the same thing. Well, I could find other stuff, but it was pretty hard finding information. Well I think that's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That we do the same thing well almost do I'm not sure.

Yom Hazikaron
By Kate

Yom Hazikaron was started in 1948. This holiday was started in country-regionplaceIsrael. It was started for the veterans that fought in the war called Arab Israeli conflict and died. So Israelites honor those who fought. This day is a very important day for the Israelites.

How the Israelites celebrate is by having a ceremony. This special ceremony begins at 20:00 p.m.(8:00 p.m.) witch means it starts at sunset and ends at 19 to 20:00(7-8:00). Then they raise their national flag. Then a two minute siren takes place, during that two minute siren the Jewish stand in complete silence. After that siren is over they lower the flag and begin to pray for those who fought and those who are still in battle if war is going on. Finally the whole ceremony is over.

This holiday is compared to our national holiday Memorial Day. Three things that make them close are they honor veterans, they honor those that have died, and they pray for those that are at war.

Jason W.

The day to remember Israeli soldiers is Yom Hazikaron. It started to honor and mourn for the soldiers that have died in combat. Recently they mourn every one in the armed service. This day Started in 1951 but became law in 1963.

Fourth lyar, 11:00 A.M., nothing but the air raid sirens can be heard. This is how they celebrate the holiday in the day ,but by night they have fireworks, and festivities. The night is filled with the celebrations .

Yom Hazikaron is much like our veterans day. We honor the troops, we both mourn for them, and we also think for there courage and valor that they did for our lives to keep us free. That wraps up on my Jewish holiday.

Yom Hazikaron
By Skye

Yom Hazikaron was started by Abraham's forefathers Shem and Eber. It originates in Israel. Which, as we know is the home of the deceased soldiers? Yom Hazikaron started because people wanted to remember forever their loved ones. This is a very important thing. It is celebrated with two minutes of silence. A special activity not normally done is you visit graves. Also you might go to the wall of names. This as we know is a wall of deceased soldier's names.

A holiday I can compare it to in our part of the world is Memorial Day. One thing they have in common is places of entertainment are closed. Also on both holidays we fly our flags at half -mast. One more thing we have in common is we both visit graves. Well, that's a little about your holiday,

Yom Hazikaron
By: Nathaniel M.

If your wondering what my holiday is about you'll find out about it in these next paragraphs. My Jewish holiday is Yom Hazikaron. Yom Hazikaron started in Israel on May 26, 1948. It was started to be a kind of Memorial Day for those who lost their lives in the struggle that led to establishment for the state of Israel. Also for all military personnel who were killed while in active duty in Israel's armed forces.

To celebrate Yom Hazikaron everything public is closed for 24 hours (from sunup to sundown). Two times throughout the day sirens sound throughout the country. The first time marks the beginning of the holiday, and the second marks the end.

Yom Hazikaron is like America's Memorial Day. It is like our memorial day because they honor the soldiers, don't do anything (even though we do some stuff), and they made it because of the wars and hardships of those who ever helped in the war.