Purim Tradition Holiday
By: Danielle K.

The Purim tradition is all about, people trading gifts.(sort of like gift exchange.)They also read the book of Esther in the Synagogue immediately after night time prayers. Esther is the one who created the Purim holiday.

It was first started in Persia about 2,500 years ago. It started because it commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. They would decorate with white, green, and blue, held by cords if linen and of gold and silver on a floor of alabaster and marble arranged in patterns in rows and circles. Some activities they would do are dress up and have a contest to see who had the best costume every year. Mostly on this holiday they would eat Hamentaschen, Havah, Purim chocolate chip challan, and sweet orange Purim rolls. This holiday can be compared to Veterans Day. One way that they are alike is that

Veterans' day is that they both celebrate people in past wars.

By Hayley

Purim is the most festive Jewish holiday. Jews have it to remember Esther, who saved Jews from death and to celebrate their survival. It is celebrated on the 14 of December, which is the day after Esther's battle.

On Purim Jews read the Purim story, send food to their friends, family and needy, and have a great feast. The name of the feast is Seudat Purim. Some of the foods they eat in the feast are hamantashen pastries and kreplach which are mince meat covered in dough in a triangular shape.

In my opinion I think Purim is most like Thanksgiving. One reason is they have a great feast and we certainly do that on Thanksgiving. Another reason is they give food to charity which quite a few of us do. The last reason is they cook special treats which is like us because we make pumpkin pie and turkey which are certainly special treats.