Holiday of Purim
By: Sammy H.

The Jewish Holiday, Purim, started hundreds of years ago. It started on the 14th of Adar, 3405. That would be February-March. Mordechai started it in Persia. It started because it is the day when Queen Esther saved all the Jews. Haman was a guy who was jealous of Mordechai and wanted to kill him and all the Jews because Mordechai got a higher rank than him.

To celebrate, they read the Megillah at a synagogue. Everyone must hear the story of Purim. Whenever "Haman" is read, kids use noisemakers to drown out the word. Some special decorations are groggers, and costumes. The people dress up in costumes because they think it is important (Esther hid her Jewishness from the king). A special activity is jumping over bonfires.

The most popular food on Purim is Hamantashen. They are triangular pastries filled with jelly or cheese. Adults drink wine. Other Purim foods are fish, challah, turkey, Beans and seeds. In our culture, Purim would be like Easter and Halloween. They both tell about somebody saving other people, god saved us, Esther saved them.

Easter is near Purim. In our culture we dress up like them.

By: Kristeena M.

Purim is one of the joyous holidays for Jewish people. The story of Esther is a tale of a queen that is Jewish and marries a Christian King that starts to kill the Jewish people. The king did not know his wife was Jewish. Esther protected her fellow Jewish people. The Purim holiday commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination.

Now that you have heard the story it is time to tell you how they celebrate it. The night of Purim they would read the story of Esther immediately after the nighttime prayers. They would have a gift exchange. The kids will dress up in skeleton costumes to represent the Jewish people in the story. They would be hangings of white, green, and blue held by a cord of linen. There were gold and silver on the floor of alabaster and marble arranged in patterns of roses and circles. They eat Lamentation, Halvah, Purim chocolate chip cookies, and sweet orange Purim rolls.

Purim is like Veteran's Day. These two holidays are very similar because, they both celebrate people who helped there contrary. That is why they are a like. They still celebrate this holiday now of days.

By: Austin Z.

The Jewish holiday, Purim has been around for hundreds of centuries. Purim was started in Persia, by a guy named Mordechi. The first known Purim was on the 14th Adar, 3405, from Feb.- March. Purim is a dedicated holiday to commemorate the saving of the ancient Persian Jewish community from extinction.

They celebrate Purim by reading the Megillah at a synagogue. Everyone must hear the story of Purim. When "Haman" is read the kids drown out the word with noise-makers. Some of the decorations that they have are noise-makers, costumes, groggers (tops). One activity that they have is, kids jump over bonfires that are being burned by tar and wood. The foods that are served at the party are hamantashen, triangular pastries filled with cheese, poppy seeds or jam. Wine is drunk by the adults even if they are drunk. Continuing on there is Purim fish called challah, turkey, beans, and cereal.

Purim is kind-of like our Easter and Halloween combined. Here are some examples of how they are a like, the stories tell of someone saving other people. For example: god saved us and that's why we have Easter, Esthe saved them and that's why they have Purim. They're about the same month, and we dress up.

By Bryanna S.

Purim is a holiday that celebrates the salvation of Jews from the wicked Haman through leadership of Queen Esther. The Jewish people started this holiday on 15th of Adar 3405 B.C. I don't know what Adar means. It started in placeCity Shushan, country-region Persia. The story is: One day King Achashverosh wanted to do away with his disobedient wife, Vashti.

After he got rid of her he was wifeless. So then he held a beauty pageant to find a new queen. In a nearby village an uncle and niece were talking. The uncle, Mordecai, was telling his niece, Esther, to try out for the pageant so they can find out the evil plans of the king. Esther agreed, but under the condition she is not going to tell anybody she is Jewish. When she went to the pageant, the king chose her. They got married. Later that same day there was some Jewish people who were trying to make the king's kingdom collapse and they wouldn't bow down to him either because he wasn't Jewish. Haman said to the king "I think we should do away with them." Mordecai overheard this conversation and ran to tell Esther. Hetold Esther to convince the king to stop the wars against the Jews. It was a very dangerous task to convince the king. At dinner she asked him to not kill the Jews. She said that if he killed them he would have to kill her because she was also a Jew. She didn't want to tell him she was a Jew but if that would stop him it was okay with her. He agreed to stop the war. Haman was very angry with this and did kill some more Jews but then was put in jail by King Achashverosh.

Today the Jews celebrate Purim by exchanging gifts, giving alms to the poor, presenting plays, wearing costumes, holding carnivals, and chanting the text of Esther. Another word for alms is charity. When they chant the text of Esther they boo, make noise, stomp feet, etc.when they hear the name Haman. On this holiday they eat hamentaschen, misloach, challah, kreplach, and halvah. They eat a lot of food at their celebration. They do lots and lots of activities on this holiday for it is a very important holiday.

This is similar to our Independence Day because both celebrate winning a war. Purim celebrates the Jews winning freedom from Achashverosh, the King. Independence Day in the country-region placeUnited States celebrates our winning freedom from the British. Both celebrations are full of activities, good food, fun, and remembering what happened in the past that made this day.