By Alec

The Jewish holiday of Purim is celebrated to remember how Queen Esther saved the Jews of Persia from annihilation.~ The first Purim ever celebrated was on the 14th of Adar 3405.Adar is in the time if our February.~ The first person to celebrate this happy holiday was Mordechi.~

If you were a Jewish person the month of Adar would go like this. Adar 13th , Fast of Esther, which is a minor fast from sunrise to nightfall.~ Adar 14th , Purim!~ Adar 15th , Sushan Purim, this day is mostly like a second day of Purim.~ In leap year there are two months of Adar.~ When this occurs the Jewish people celebrate it on the second month.

On this day they read the Megillah at the synagogue. Everyone must listen to the story of Queen Esther.~ Whenever the word Haman is read all the kids use noise makers to drown out the word.~ During this day of Purim the Jewish people go to parades, plays, and carnivals.~ The people then eat a festive meal called Seudat Purim. In this meal they eat hamantashen pastries and cookies, food baskets, and the adults drink wine.~ Most people dress up in costumes to hide like Esther hid her Jewish religion.

This Jewish holiday is like the American's Halloween and New Years.~ It is like Halloween because we dress up in costumes and they dress up in costumes for a reason.~ Purim is also like Halloween because they have a big meal and we have a big meal of candy.~ Purim is also like New Years because both countries use noise makers.~ Purim is one of the most favored holidays for Jewish people!

By Cody

~ Once a night a scroll is~read for everybody to hear.~ Many children and adults dress up in a costume for Purim.~ People give food gifts to friends, family and neighbors.~ Food was like fruit nuts and hamantadhen.~

The day before Purim is the fast of Esther.~ It is a minor fast which last from sunrise to night fall.~ If it happens to fall on Shabbat it would last a day.

~ Purim celebrates a victory over those who sought to bring about our destruction.~ Is a victory over people of hatred and violence.~ To others and trusting HaShem to make it possible if we do our part.~ Purim means "lots".

~ King Achanverosh made a feast for all of his minister and servants.~ He displayed the glorious wealth of his Kingdom and the splendorous beauty of his majesty.

By: Dylan F.

The holiday Purim started in The Book of Ester 2,500 years ago. It was started when Ester and Mordecai saved the Jewish people from Haman.

They celebrated it on the 14th of Adar it starts with a minor fast. The decorations they use are cross dresses they also dress up in costumes. They read the book of Ester for special activties. Giving gifts and having a carnival is also special to them. Eating Hamentasshen is like eating a sweet roll.

In the U.S. we celebrate Mardi gras which is very similar to Purim we have a carnival, give gifts, and eat a lot just like them.