Hanukkah Story

By Garett S.

Hanukkah started because Judah Maccabee defeated Antiochus's army and drove them out of Israel. They got rid of the statues of Antiochus. Judah started an eight-day festival called Hanukkah, which means dedication.

Many people now celebrate Hanukkah with families by singing songs, eating special foods and spinning the dreidel. They eat latkes, and chocolate gelt. Latkes are potato pancakes.

Hanukkah is like our Christmas. On Hanukkah kids get presents. We get presents on Christmas. We eat special foods on Christmas like the Jewish do on Hanukkah. We also celebrate a lot during that time like they celebrate Hanukkah.

By Mineidy S.

Hanukkah has been celebrated for over 2000 years. The Jewish began

Hanukkah when the Jews won victory over the Syrian-Greeks. They were led by the Hasmonean family of Matthias.

They celebrate Hanukkah by cooking jelly donuts and pancakes. They also have a festival of lights. They light nine candles. The celebration lasts eight days.

Hanukkah is like our Christmas because we celebrate it near the same days the Jewish celebrate Hanukkah. On Hanukkah they open presents like we do on Christmas. We eat a lot on Christmas just like the Jewish do on Hanukkah.