Hanukkah Story

By: Dominic K.

Chanukah is not a Jewish Christmas. Chanukah is celebrated by Jews.

Chanukah is from the Hebrew word kahanu. One of Matthew's sons became leader of the army. He took Hannah and her sons away. The solders killed her sons.

Chanukah is also known as the festival of lights. They eat pancakes. They also eat donuts. There are eight days of Chanukah. There is a candle for every night they light them right to left. There are many types of menorah.

They also eat potato latkes and Chanukah candy. They also eat mandlebort and rugelah. It is celebrated for a great victory. Menorah is a candle holder.

Jewish Holiday Report
By Devin D.

When was the Jewish holiday started? IT was started in 165 BCE. Hanukkah comes from the Hebrew word "khanu" meaning "and they rested" and from the Hebrew date "Skaf Hey" which equals 25. That is why we celebrate Hanukkah begging on the 25 of the month of Kislev. Why is it impotent that the oil lasted eight days?

In the temple a menorah was lit every day for 8 days. The oil used in the menorah was the purest olive oil. The rabies say the oil, was so pure, only the first drop of oil could be used. Because of the need for strict purity it takes seven day to make a single batch of oil. The menorah or candle holder is a really important part of the Hanukkah. It is why we call the holiday the festival of light. We place candles in the menorah.

The person who helps light the candles is the Shamash.

Hanukkah or the festival of lights
By Alex T.

Hanukkah is a celebration like our Christmas except t hey light one candle on the menorah. They open one gift every night. They celebrate it every year. They eat many foods of their culture. It is called the festival of lights because of the menorah. Farmers who killed a king who was cruel to celebrate started Hanukkah.

By Kaitlyn H and Dakota L

Hanukkah started in 165 B.C. The Jews kicked out the Greeks from Israel and cleaned up the country. They kicked out the Greeks because King Antioch wanted them to worship him. The Torah told the Jewish to worship only God. They did not want to worship Antioch.

The holiday lasts for eight days. They light a candle on the Menorah for each day. They make crafts to celebrate Hanukkah. They eat Potato Pancakes called Latkes.

The holiday in the United States that is like Hanukkah is the 4th of July. They are celebrating their independence. We also eat a lot and light fireworks which is like their candles.


Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that started after the death of Alexander the Great. They have different traditions that they follow like. They eat fried foods like latkes. They light candles and ask for blessings. They also ask for miracles. They pray and thank god for life each night for eight days and nights they light candles. The "Shammus" candle is the main candle used to light the other candles. One of their favorite songs is Rocky Fortress or Rock of Ages. They all like to play games like the dreidel. They might give gifts of money to their small children; it is called a "gelt".

We can compare Christmas to Hanukkah because some Jewish families have taken American ideas and them for Hanukah like giving gifts.

By Tyler P.

Hanukkah started when Antiochus told the Jewish people they had to worship him. The Jews were mad and ran off to fight the soldiers. Judah Maccabee won against the soldiers. They could worship God again.

They celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles, eating and playing games. It lasts for eight days. They eat potato pancakes. They play with the dreidel.

I would compare Hanukkah with our Christmas. We eat lots of food. We don't eat potato pancakes but we eat oyster soup. We play games but not the dreidel. We play video games like PS2. We do get presents like they do for Hanukkah. It would be cool if Christmas lasted for eight days.