Hanukkah Story
By Brady

Hanukkah is the story of a great victory of the Jews over the Syrian Greeks. In 165 BC, led by the Hasmonean family of Mattathias, the High Priest, and his youngest son, Judah, the Jews succeeded in evicting theSyrian-Greeks from Israel and restored the temple.

According to the Talmud, the temple had been cleaned and the priests wanted to light the temple Menorah. They could only find one jar of oil that was fit to light the Menorah. It was only enough to last for one day but lasted for eight days. That is why Hanukkah is eight days long.

Hanukkah comes from the Hebrew word "Khanu" which means "and they rested". It starts in November and ends in December. It is the story of heroes and bravery. Hannah and her sons were loyal to HaShem. They didn't do what the king wanted and wouldn't worship idols.

They hid in the hills and attacked enemies slowly and finally took over. That is why Hanukkah is the festival of rededication.

By: Tyler

Chanukah is the story of a great victory of the Jews over theSyrian-Greeks. Chanukah is celebrated by the Jewish people. Chanukah isnot a Jewish Christmas. Chanukah came from the Hebrew word. Hanukah is in the book Maccabees. The soldiers took Hannah and her sons away. The soldiers killed her sons. Chanukah is celebrated for eight days. The menorah or candle holder is a really important part of the tradition of Chanukah. They light the menorah from left to right.

Their foods are sufganiot, potato latkes, Chanukah candy, mandelbrot, and rugelach. They place the candles in the menorah from the right to left. Then they light the menorah they say blessings for the candle.

It is like Christmas because they celebrate it in December. It also is like Christmas because they get presents. I like Chanukah and Christmas because it is all about giving.

By Alison

Chanukah is a Jewish holiday celebrated by the Jews. They have eight days of Chanukah. Each night they light one candle, untilthe last day of Chanukah. They play games each and every night until the last night of Chanukah.

They eat the same food we kind of do, but with a little more taste in it. They make a special type of food called POTATO PANCAKES. They also play a special game called dreidel. That is a special game they play every night until the real day of Chanukah.

They also make their own jelly donuts from scratch just like their potato pancakes! Their holiday is sort of like ours, because we eat the same food as us kind of, and we both celebrate something on Christmas also. Just because we celebrate different holidays doesn't mean they are crazy, they are different, and that's all!