Bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah
By Joey W.

There are two kinds of mitzvahs. First there is Bar Mitzvah. It is for a boy. Then there is bat mitzvah for a girl. The mitzvah is to celebrate the coming of age which is age 12. They are just like or birthdays only they don't celebrate it till age 12.

They also have cake and ice cream just like our birthdays. When they turn 12 they are accountable for there own misdeeds. Bar and bat mitzvah fend for what it means to be to be a Jew. There is no ritual to become an adult Jew.

In the best case they will foster a sense of connection with all Judaism has to offer. A bat mitzvah is for a girl and it has similar celebrations too. They normally celebrate on the town. The bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah are similar to our birthday

Bar/Bat Mitzvah
By: Erin N. L.

If you are Jewish you would have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at the age of 13. A Mitzvah is when you become mature. Bar means a son, Bat means a daughter.

Kaplan is the one who started the holiday. He started it in 1924. He wanted a special ceremony to celebrate his son turning into a mature adult.

They celebrate a Mitzvah by putting a Torah on a table with a candle on it. The child that is the Mitzvah will say a speech and light the 13 candles. The food that they have is cake, goat milk, and bread.

When we turn 13 usually we have a birthday party. We get presents. We also have ice cream, juice, or pop. Some ways that we celebrate in the same way are eating cake, inviting people, and getting a special gift from someone.

Bar Mitzvah the holiday of maturity

Bar Mitzvah is the celebration in witch the son of a family matures. Some believe that it was started by Isaac. Others think it was started by Abraham. known as the "rite of passage"

Though people talk about being "Bar Mitzvahed'' there is no ritual that must be performed to be considered a Jewish adult. So why all the celebration? Jewish laws hold parents in charge for their children's misdeeds. That means that they are no longer liable if their child causes damage, steals, or lies. This also means that the child of a family must take on a huge deal of responsibility.

For many children Bar Mitzvah means their growing in Judaism and is a moment when they are center of attention. Bar Mitzvah can be compared to a birthday because of food, family, and maturity. If a Bar Mitzvah ceremony is done correctly the experience will build a warm, happy, lasting bond with Jewish life.

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