Chanukah the festival of lights.

There are special foods for Channukah; there are the potato pancakes and the jelly doughnuts.

The potato pancakes are made of potatoes, flour, salt, eggs and sugar. There are some people that add spices like curry and white pepper.

You can eat the jelly doughnuts with vanilla sugar and jam.
The jelly doughnuts are made of flour, yeast, water, sugar, margarine and eggs.

On Chanukah we spin dreidels , it's a custom. There are four letters on the four corners of the dreidel. The letters are the shortening of the sentence: " A great miracle happened there", because the history of Channukah tells us about the miracle that happened to the Maccabees that upraised against the Greeks in Israel in 159-158 BCE but this is another story...

In Israel , you can't say " A great miracle happened there" because the miracle happened here, in Israel, on the dreidels (spin tops) in Israel the inscription that is written is "A great miracle happened here" (in Hebrew - "Nes gadol haya po").

On Chanukah we light candles on the Channukah lamp, it's a commandment, the Chanukah lamp has nine holders-one is a beadle, with the beadle we light the other candles, candle to candle - fire to fire.
Channukah continues eight days, every day we light one candle (by using the beadle).

Potato pancakes

3 potatoes
Cup of flour ½
2 eggs
Cup of Sugar ½
Oil for frying

Crush your potatoes, to add flour, sugar and eggs, create hearts and to fry them in hot oil. Spread sugar powder on the top and enjoy.

What I do on Chanukah by 5th grade, Ein Ganim, Israel