What I do on Chanukah

From the Ein Ganim 5th Graders

On Chanukah I love doing many things: to play soccer on field of the school near my house, play computer games, surf on the net, watch T.V and eat sugar on a doughnut. This is a very fun holiday!!!
By Sagi

Hanukkah is coming and I want to tell you what I would like to do in this holiday. I will watch television and play on the computer. I will read books in English and Hebrew. I will play with my friends and be with my family. On Hanukkah I get up very early and read a book, after an hour I eat a doughnut and brush my teeth and wash my face. I like Hanukkah very much.
Ori and Itamar

I like the donuts because they are sweet and you can put on a lot of sugar on them. On Hanukah my family   and I are flying to  Cyprus  and we will have a lot of fun.
 From Nimrod

I like the donuts and the candlesticks about Chanukah. I light the candles candlesticks with my family.    Chanukah is fun because there is no school.
Yasmin 5 th grade

The things I do on Chanukah with my family. On this Chanukah I plan to do a lot of things with my family; On the first day of Chanukah we are invited to my grandmother's house to light the first candle in the Chanukah lamp and eat donuts. On Chanukah I and the school orchestra of "Ein Ganim" are performing and I am playing my saxophone. All the children's parents are invited too. During the holiday I will also see theatrical performances.I hope I will have a lot of fun and enjoy myself together with my family.

Chanukah by Idan 5 th grade. I like Hanukah because there is vacation from school. I like to eat doughnut. I like be with my family. I like to light candles. I like to sing songs of Hanukah. I like to play with tops. I like the Hanukah presents.

In the Chanukah vacation I am going to see the festigal, I will watch movies and compete in a swimming competition. The time I have left I will sleep and eat a lot of (Donuts)!!!                   

Michal!!! Grade 5

The things that I will do in Hanukah ! 1. I will eat donuts and potato pancakes 2. I will sleep until a late hour. 3. I will bake donuts and potato pancakes and eat them later with my family. 4. I will play with the top. 5. I will spend a lot of time with my family. 6. Every day in Hanukah I will light the candles.
Dana 5 th grade

I love Chanukah. The doughnut, is tasty, and because of the holiday.I spend time with my family and friends and we have a week off of school. That makes me very happy and I also get nice gifts.

Chanukah it is fun. What I like in Chanukah I like eating them. Donuts . tops.   I like to play with the spinning I like the songs that we sing on Chanukah . Chanukah is the only holy day that where we liight a candle . I like Chanukah very much and wish everyone around the world a happy holiday,
Aviv 5 th grade

Chanukah is fun because: I'm going for a journey with my family friends. I'm going to a movie with my friend. There is vacation.

What I like about Hannukah by Noa 5 th grade

I love to light the candles of the Hannukah lamp, and I like Hannukah because when all of the family us together, we can feel the light and the heat, and it is a great feeling. With all of the candles and the donuts, there is an atmosphere of Hannukah, and we can know that Hannuka is here. I like the games of the spin-top, and I and my dad are playing with real money!

What will I do this Hannukah

I think I will rest at Hannukah, maybe I will see my friends and just stay at home, sleep till
Ten o' clock, play the computer all day and watch T.V. But at nights I am always excited, because I love to light the candles of the Hannukah lamp, sing songs and eat donuts. Maybe I will go with my mom and my sister to the show "Tarzan and Jane ."

I go to my grandfather's house in Chanukah and we eat a lot of donuts. My cousin usually have birthday in Chanukah and we are very happy in that day. In Chanukah my uncle is traveling to abroad and when he is back he is give us a lot of gifts and souvenirs. In Chanukah we usually go traveling in our country in many places. I go to a lot of movies with my friends and my family. In the holiday I always go to sleep in my cousin house, and we usually go to a movie. I love to go to the small festival (festikat) in my city with my friends and my family in Chanukah. In summary, it is very fun to celebrate Chanukah with my family and my friends . I know my holiday will be fun.
Omer 5 th grade

I like Hanukah because I like eating donuts and light Hanukah candles. Every Hanukah I go to my grandmothers and stay in their house for few days. I like meeting friends during the holiday.

I love Chanukah because I love to eat donuts and I have a large collection of spin tops and every year I add new ones to my collection.
Happy Chanukah! Roi grade 5

I love on Chanukah that all of us together, and that we light candles on the lamp. On Chanukah I am going to see a show, and two plays. I have a birthday at Chanukah. I am having a party with my friends.
Happy Chanukah Hen.

On Hanukah I go to shows and movies. In our family we have a family meeting.  In this meeting all my family from my mother's side of the family, excluding my father's side (because my father's side is n America and they come to visit us only sometimes) and we sing and eat donuts and more stuff. I love to sleep at friend's houses, and we not sleeping until the morning. I like this holiday very much.
So happy Hanukah from,
Ofir K.

I love the holiday Chanukah because its fun to be at home and to eat donuts and to turn around a top. It's fun to be with my family and friends and to play with them and light the candles.
Ofir Katz

On Chanukah I like to play with spin tops and to eat donuts The parents give to their children "Chanukah money" With the money we buy gifts. With my family I light candles. Chanukah is a happy holiday. Happy Chanukah to every one,
Daniel 5 th grade

On Chanukah I am going to see some movies and eat lot donuts. On Chanukah we like to light candles every day. In Israel on Chanukah there are a lot of plays, but I don't go to any of them.
Happy Chanukah to everyone