GlobalDreamers prompts students from around the world to join in a multicultural project that captures students' thinking in a visual way.
global dreamers and GVC clubhouse "GlobalDreamers" inspires children to take a deeper look at the world by exploring, exchanging ideas, and using research tools. It supports a positive learning environment and a shared learning experience. By inviting the participation of children from all around the globe, it supports the fight against the Digital Divide.

In 2011, the GlobalDreamers program merged with the Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse program, extending both programs.   The Clubhouse is not a competition, but a place for students to connect, collaborate, and communicate world wide.

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Marsha GorenGlobalDreamers has certainly become a dream come true one which I hope to continue through the Internet with the many educators who have become my colleagues and friends. Please continue dreaming with us.

My special thanks to my partner and colleague Janet Barnstable, GVC Program Manager, who has shared a vision with me and made me a better educator and sometimes I believe a better person.
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