Lectures at Yad Vashem

Taken from the Yad Vashem Museum
July 27th 2005


When I grow up and get to be twenty,
I'll travel and see this world of plenty,
I'm a bird with an engine,
I will sit myself down.
Take off and fly into space, far above the ground.
I'll fly and cruise and soar up high,
Above a world so lovely into the sky.
And so delighted by all the world's charms,
Into the heavens I will take off and not have a bother,
The cloud is my sister, the wind is my brother.

Abramek Koplowicz
Murdered in Aushwitz at the age of 14.

My Visit At Yad Vashem - Jerusalem, Israel

I am sending a few pictures from Yad Vashem from a few of the walls in the huge and holy place that has recently been rebuilt and is truly magnificent. It tells the story in a documentative matter with official pictures, clothing, documents and testimonials. One can not leave without caring, one leaves with a tear and hope for a better tomorrow.

It was my honor to give a lecture to a group of educators visiting Israel from Croatia and tell them about my recent visit to their beautiful country. It was the end of a cycle for me, teaching others about our globaldreamers project and what the world of technology has to offer to educators and children as one.

I left Yad Vashem feeling whole like I gave myself to others that my Mother would have been smiling and proud of me. My promise of never forgetting will live forever.
Marsha Goren
July 28th, 2005