testimonial by a living survivor of the holocaust

My grandfather, Moshe, was born in Hungary at 1920 to an orthodox family and learned in the Yeshiva. When the War World II began, he ran away to the woods and hid there with gentile partisans for several years. He had to pretend to be a gentile because the partisans hated Jews and he was there when they abused and killed Jews. When the war was over, he came back to his village and found out that most of his family was killed by the Nazis, with most of the Jews in the village. He immigrated to Israel alone and without any money or property, and built his life from the beginning.

I admire my grandfather because he succeeded to stay alive in the Holocaust and to build a family after his past.

Now he is very old and sick, and he still fights to live.

Photo: Guy & his grandpa 1996

Guy Z.