grandmother's aunt: her family lost in aushwitz

Dear Students at Ein Ganim Elementary School,

Thank you very much for letting us participate in your Holocaust Memorial Day we are all very excited!! We too have been going over the Holocaust in class we have read The Diary of Anne Frank, and other individual dairy’s and books of that time.

MY family too has some background experience of the Holocaust as well. My grandmother had an aunt that was Jewish, her and her two daughters were sent straight to the death camp in Auschwitz. All together the family lived for about a year, but the aunt died first from starvation. Before the Nazis came to pick them up she had kept a dress in her closet that was full of pockets (on the inside) she kept bread, crackers, and anything else they could eat inside it and kept it put away. The day the Nazis came to get them she put the dress on and went along as if nothing was happening. When she got there she had her hair cut and tattooed but they let her keep her clothes since she was about 60 at the time. She died a year later from starvation because she had given most of the food to her daughters to keep them healthy and kept accounted for.

After her death the daughters started to suffer from a deep depression, the oldest got pneumonia and the youngest had to take care of her to the best of her ability. About 3 months after her mother's death the oldest daughter ( at the age of 20 ) died one night in her sleep.

The youngest after that would have been here today if it wasn’t for the gas chambers, she was one of many girls her age and older. She was 13 when she passed.

I think that if we start to forget this tragic event that it may happen again. We need to look back at our culture and religious beliefs and find out about our past. The Holocaust is maybe a one in a Million but it could happen again or something worse. Like 911, by not respecting the people in Iraq and forgetting their needs look what happened they started a war.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you get to send us something back it would be really cool to hear some more stories and how your life is.

Thank you very much. Your newest friend,

Magan R.
Ballinger Junior High School, Ballinger, Texas, USA