Two global dream partrners recently have visited Auschwitz.
My Mother, God rest her soul was a Holocaust survivor and this unit will keep that fact as living proof.
Rozalija and her students have donated their personal diary to our unit.
Here, Eva, another teacher in our project from Sarvas, Hungary is sending her message
through the pictures she has kindly sent to me today.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Marsha Goren

Entrance Gate

Above and below. Messages of visitors.

Clothes of children, even babies.

The Death Wall.

The SS shot several thousand prisoners here in 1941-43. In the main, the victims were Poles, for the most part leaders and members of clandestine organizations, hostages, people involved in planning escapes, and those who aided escapees. A German gynecologist, Professor Carl Clauberg, carried out criminal sterilization experiments on women prisoners in Block no. 10, visible at left.

Above and below: the death wall where visitors leave flowers
and light candles in memory of the many victims of the Holocaust.

Candles and flowers left by the wall.

In this red-brick building the Zyklon-B canisters were kept.

When I entered the crematorium my eyes filled with tears
and when I saw the roses in the doors of the furnaces I felt a great
empathy with the innovent victims of this horrible place.

I visited this building that contained the first crematuriom
and gas chamber from 1940 until 1943.

Eva Abonyi, Sarvas, Hungary