Today, my dear friend, I'm standing next to you, in silence and peace, and ¨›remember those who are no longer with us. Silence... I know, you and your people are mourning today. I would like to comfort you...can you feel my hand on your shoulder? Silence...I'm mourning with you and waiting for your first word.

This silence is turning into my words that I'm writing to you now. Today, the Mighty God is morning, too, sending messages of love to the earth. Do you recognize that the cause of your sorrow was God's will? I'm sending you all of my strenght, you are the one who will say: ¨īDayan HaEmes¨™.

Please, receive my comfort today. I'll keep my silence as long as you are standing near me. Pass me a piece of your suffering, I'll help you your faith not to be shaken.

My dear, I'm with you today, on the day of YOM HASHO'A; can you feel my support and strenght? Share with me this moment of weakness.

We are going to have a dialogue, you don't need to stifle your emotions, you don't have to say a word, I will understand your pain.



About the ceremony at Ein Ganim on Memorial Day

Hi Marsha,

I am very happy you liked the picture. The ceremony was very nice. The choir sang two songs and the dancing group danced. Hedi the principal spoke, and in the middle of her things, the siren started. During her speech, I held Enav's hand, and when the siren started I squeezed her hand. Some kids from our class spoke in the ceremony. Today we went to the room of the Holocaust and Lily spoke with us about it. She told us that she will bring a yellow star to the class , that her husbands' father wore on his clothes. Vardit spoke to us about Hitler, too. I think now I understand the things that happened during these times.
The ceremony was touching and we were all together during the siren. The whole school was together mourning the six million.


Pictures of Memorial Day at Ein Ganim