This site dedicated to Sonia Frenkel, a mother who loved her children and grandchildren more than life.

Sonia Frenkel
Sonia's last picture before she became ill and died in October 1991.

Expressive dance choreography by Tali Saden dance teacher at Ein Ganim School

Video: Marsha Goren

Teaching OUTSIDE the box
[Yad Vashem Education Awards]

Yad vashem award
"Educator of the year award 2006. Marsha Goren and Professor Yuli Tamir along with member of the Chuno and Blima Najmann family and Mr. Avner Shalev direcorate and chairman of Yad vashem.

Photographer Yosi Ben David Yad Vashem


Poem: Rozalija Baricevic


Offsite Links:
Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project - she made lists of the children's real names and put the lists in jars, then buried the jars in a garden, so that someday she could dig up the jars and find the children to tell them of their real identify. Megan Stewart-Felt and the unearthing of the Irena's story...

Life in the Shadows - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum exhibition: Hidden children and the Holocaust.

Music of the Holocaust - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Other exhibitions - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Illinois Holocaust Museum This new world-class museum is dedicated to preserving the memories of those lost in the Holocaust and teaching current generations about the need to fight hatred, indifference and genocide in today’s world.

Tikkun Olam: David Dickerson's Web Site is a 70-MB, nonprofit, personal, educational Web site offering a wide range of information on the Holocaust/Shoah, antisemitism, Jewish culture and history, and other related topics.
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Holocaust Remembrances

Activities - quizes, puzzles, lessons, etc. for teachers to use

2018 Holocaust Remembrance In memory of Janet Barnstable, who set an example of what true global collaboration is, with thousands of educators around the world.
2017 Holocaust Remembrance
2016 Holocaust Remembrance
2015 Holocaust Remembrance
2014 Holocaust Remembrance
2013 Holocaust RemembranceButterfly remembering Sonia
2012 Holocaust Remembrance
2011 Holocaust Remembrance
2010 Holocaust Remembrance
2009 Holocaust Remembrance
2008 Holocaust Remembrance
2007 Holocaust Memorial Days ||
        Experiencing Aushwitz
2006 Holocaust Remembrance
2005 Holocaust Remembrance

Survivors Stories
Sonia Welis Frenkel - Facts written by her daugher Marsha

My Mom: Sonia Frenkel - Personal feelings by her daugher Marsha
Nici Neweles - Escaping the Holocaust - Video - [4 parts]
Leo Heiman- by his grandson Amity W.
Testimonial by a living survivor - by Miri Porat
My Family - for the next generation - by Sarah Oren
Danuta Venclauskas - A True Heroine - by Marsha Goren
My Heroic Grandmother - by Harel R.
My Grandpa, Moshe- by Guy Z.
My Grandfather - by Tomar
Frau Schreiner - A German villager's view.
Grandmother's Aunt - by Magan. A family lost at Auschwitz
Teresa Allerhand Poleski by Yukako
Mariam Petrescu byArmina
Jack Zelcer by Dij
Elaine Singer by Natalie
Video Archive: "The Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies is a collection of over 4,300 videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust."

Do you have a story to tell? Yes, we know it is difficult to talk and write about, but if you are able to share, we will be grateful, and you will be helping to teach another generation to remember.

Email either: Marsha Goren:
or Janet Barnstable:

Marsha Spreads the Word
Marsha Goren- workshop at the Janusz Korczak at the Ghetto Fighter's Museum - Western Galilee College entitled: "An Educator's Influence on the Universal Visison of the Holocaust." more

Zola Development Award for Holocaust Teaching
from the University of Hartford. May 10, 2006 - video

Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo, released in March, 2009 - Blue Heron (production company)
Thanks Gary & Richard Lester from GlobalDreamers for the Postcards.
Feature on Sonia Fenkel & GlobalDreamers
Marsha honored at Director's VIP Breakfast for her work in promulgating Safe Haven.

Comments: Worldwide memorial and tolerance sites.

Global Dreamers 2006 Holocaust Remembrance
January 27th, 2006: We remember: participants from the world community
April 25, 2006 Holocust Memorial Day
Ein Ganim Prepares \|/ RemembersPartner Activities - Partner's work during the 2006 memorials.
Bulletin Board archive.
Schindler's List - 8th graders are inspired by the movie.
Anne Frank - 2nd grader, Emily's presentation
Darfur - a 2006 look at the strife by Julian Middle School studnetsAnna Frank - Students in Belgium Dec. 2006

Unforgettable Journey
Auschwitz Diary- thoughts of students from Ivan Goren Kovacic school in Croatia & their teacher, Rozalija Baricevic, during their travels in May, 2005. Also see the question/answer exchangebetween Ein Ganim and IGK.
March of Remembrance and Hope - Wesley Mullin's journey as a participant in the inaugural "March " in May, 2001.
Police Force at Majdanek Camp Ceremony - photos of the Memorial of Struggle & Martyrdom and the concentration camp itself.
Visit At Yad Vashem - Jerusalem, Israel

Global Dreamers 2005 Holocaust Remembrance
The Pit poem by Ivan Groen Kovacic
- The forgotten concentration camp
Jasenovac - Center for education and remembrance
We believe... \|/ Breaking prejudices \|/ Through the Arts \|/ Mr. Josip Majic \|/ Faith for Freedom \|/ A Personal Quest \|/ China's Pain \|/ Freedom \|/ Lessons/Units \|/ England \|/ Friends & Flags \|/ In Auscwitz
Memorial Day 2005 \|/ At Ein Ganim \|/ Peace