holocaust Rememberance Days We will never forget!


No words can describe the Holocaust to me. As the project director of friends and flags in Katzir, Israel the message I wish to send to everyone in global dreamers is to forget the hatred and let it unite us all in bringing up a better generation.

Friends and flags members are spreading friendship and tolerance with all of its partners. A group of educators from around the world is saying it will never happen again. Learning about each other is the best way to prevent biased opinions and hatred.

Let us hope that this horrible atrocity will make us stronger in finding solutions to hatred and educating all children to accept everyone, no matter what color, creed or religion you are.

The work in Marsha’s unit with the members of globaldreamers sends a powerful message to all. Marsha has dedicated her unit to her Mother, Sonia Frenkel, God rest her soul. Her mother would have been proud of her for telling everyone never to forget and teaching the next generation to remember the Holocaust.

Friends and flags project is honored to support this unit and all it stands for. Reading this unit is both heartwarming and frightening. It leaves us with hope.

Never again!

Karen Eini

Friends and flags project director