holocaust Rememberance Days We will never forget!


by John Alton Robinson

From the tomb of the unknown soldier
To the silver haired crowns of our fathers
From the shores of Tripoli
To the Pacific's cool green waters
I wish to give a tribute
A four starred salute today
For those who fought so bravely
For our freedom and the American way.

We take our rights for granted
But they were earned in blue-red way
And courage beyond the call of duty
in France's cold wet mud.
Beginning with the Revolution
through the Saudi Arabian sands
Men have fought and suffered
and died on foreign lands.
So salute this Memorial Day
and many more to come
Through blood and guts and glory
Our freedom has been won.

I touch upon Holocaust when discussing Memorial Day. The above poem I share with my class for that day. I then discuss the 12 wars our country has been involved in and the more than 1 million who have given their lives over the years since the Revolution. I talk briefly about Hitler and the millions of Jews who perished when discussing WWII. The magnitude of their loss can not be put into terms understandable by 9 year olds. However, as an adult I fully comprehend and pray for their souls. May it be a part of history that never is repeated.

Nicki Driggs School
Waterbury, Connecticut USA