In the UK we have been celebrating VE (Victory in Europe) Day. People in London had a terrible time with the bombing.

After Victory in Europe the Second World War continued in the Pacific - my father was there as a young teenager, manning guns in a warship, fighting the Japanese. Of course, many people my parents knew were killed and my father was only saying this week how amazing it is that he survived.

The big question is could such a War and the Holocaust happen again.

Writing World InfoZone I have come across few countries which are not responsible for terrible things at one time in their history.

The problem is that ruthless men tend to become leaders. In all countries there are people who do not like another group for one reason or another. I can think of terrible things happening now but they continue, even if some of us protest.

Hitler, did things on a grand scale; today Germans try to come to terms with their past.

In 2001 the Jewish architect Daniel Libeskind蘗s Jewish Museum was opened in Berlin, Hitler's capital:

蠟The building, covered with metal (reflecting light) resembles a zigzag; the floor plan similar to a Star of David worn by Jews during the Nazi regime. Features in the building include sloping floors and a windowless "Holocaust Tower". The lines of the windows resemble wounds, theatrical splits in the building's skin from which daylight spills; symbols of the atrocities the museum seeks to document.蠡 (World InfoZone, Germany - Architecture)