holocaust Rememberance Days We will never forget!

The students from Ein Ganim have written accrostic poems to express themselves. NGO, Ein Ganim, and Belgium students have drawn art pieces.

Horor in the holocaust was very bad.
Over and over the natzis kept on killing the jewish people.
Long time the Natzis didn't stop the killing.
Only a small amount of jewish people survived.
Cause the german people wanted to destroy tham all.
A state of jewish people rose up after the Holocaust.
Under jewish rules we were free.
Sad and sorrow was all over the getos.
Today jewish people live in there on state as free men


Holocaust is hard for all
Of us. We think and
Learn about it.
One nation was very
Cruel to the Jewish people cause of their looks
And relegion. The
United states came to
Save them but it was
Too late.

by Or

Human and innocent people,
Over 6 million were killed. They
Loved and were loved.
On and on, we live this tragedy for them. Young people that
Cared and worried about the future, but
All their dreams were broken. They were a
United nation.
Still in our hearts. We all remember them.
They were people and now they are gone.

by Avital G. Sapir L. and Nitzan M.

Hear the story of the Holocaust:
Or shall you deny it?
Love and happiness was rare and sadness was the ruler of them all!
Of all the people why did the Jews have to die?
Cry about their fate, and remember them all.
U.S.A was helpful and let us free, but we never forgot.
Self control was needed in this time of life otherwise we could do horrible things…
Time will never heal these wounds, because this was the Holocust. Remember them all!

By Alon

Hear the death call from the graves,
On the wave of the gas they walk away.
Law doesn't matter for the party
Of hell, they came from the shadows to spread racism.
Clone is calling for the Jewish men, when to
Auschwitz they came with no concept to where, they
Used to think that they came to a place like heaven but a
Sick man that was called Hitler thought about all that, A
Terrible thing that can never happen again.

By Nir

Hate for Jews. That was the real reason for the horror.
Other reasons are just very big lies.
Lots of people have been dead.
Others wish that they would just die because of the experiments where they were the lab-rats.
Children were separated from their family.
And some lost their love.
Until the United States came, 6,000,000 Jews were killed.
Sad story it was. A disaster we must remember.
To tell it is easy but to experience it is a different story. Anyway, we need to tell the sad story so it will never happen again.

Eden K.

Hearts are broken,
Old people still
Living it.
Our survivors' souls
Cut up in pieces.
All the responsibles to this, are still renounced.
Up to six milion Jewish killed. Our
Sorrow will never leave,
The pain will stay forever.

by Naama

Holocaust was the hardest thing for the Jewish ever.
Our people were taken from all over the world to camps
Like animals to cages.
Old, young, boys and girls were tortured by the Nazis,
Cause they were hopeless Jewish people.
After all the suffering, no one came to help them
Under the deadly showers
So we had to take care of ourselves.
Then the USA Army came and rescued us.

By Ohad, Ofer, and Barak

Holocaust is very hard for the Jewish people.
Our great - grandparents were in the Holocaust.
Lots of Jews were killd In the Holocaust.
Only few Jews survived.
Cleaning is very important for survivors of the Holocaust beacause thatin the Holocaust there wasn’t any cleaning.
All the survivers of the Holocaust are very sick and very old.
Unbelievable crimes were in the Holocaust.
Some people that survived the Holocaust died a little time later.The Jews were killded by the German.

by Hen and Dana

Holoccaust was very hard war.
Old people died because the Holocaust.
Ladies and men live in the Holocaust.
Our people killed and died.
Cold days.
Are always to remember the Holocaust.
Understand the Holocaust.
Swimming not possible.
The people was afraid from natzis.

by Paz

Holocaust is a terrible thing.
Old and young people - it didn't make a difference. The Nazis killed all of the Jews.
Love didn't exist in the Nazis' heart.
One man made all of this happen - Hitler.
Cold and hunger - This is what the Jews felt in the times of the holocaust.
Almost all of the Jews that lived in those timed died.
Under the sky, all of those disasters happened. The cruel people, the death, and the hope that almost disapeared.
Some Jews ran and hid in the forests. They tried to fight the Nazis. They are called "Partizanim".
This disaster happened sixty years ago, but we don't, and won't forget it.

by Noa

Hitler was cruel
Old people can tell about Holocaust
Lern about the Holocaust
On this day
Cause we are sad and remember
A lot of people died
Under the rule of the natzis
Six milions of jewish died
Tell about the Holocaust to your sons

by Daniel

Holocaust was terrible.
Our family's sad.
Learn about the holocaust.
Our family's sad.
Change the future.
Attack the fear.
Use your power and do not be afraid.
Stop the back of the evil.
Trust your self.

by Shay

Holocaust is terrible.
In the Holocaust many people ( Most of the Jews) died.
The genocide lasted 5 years.
The Nazis were responsible to the genocide.
their killed 6 million Jews.
h- How many people have been murderd?
o- On the tains they took them.
l- Look how they are slim.
o- On the ghetto lived.
c- Come and see the horrible places.
a- Ana Frank lived behind the closet.
u- Unkind natzis.
s- Scare.
t- Train

by Anav

holly, powerful
searching, weeping, praying

final solution
unbelievable, unbearable
riding, stretching, planning

by Fran
Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Holocaust was a terrable thing
Our families was destroyed
Lions near you was better then that
One person was the cause,Hitler
Countries were destroyed,Jews were killed
Anothermen and women in the war
Us,you and me,need to remember
Six million people were killed
True love didn't help, but we stand here!

by Ofit K.

Makh Tsu Di Eygelekh (Close your precious eyes)
Makh tsu di eygelekh (Close your precious eyes)
Ot kumen feygelekh (Birds are flying nigh,)
Un krayzn do arum (And circle all around)
Tsukopns fun dayn vig. (Aflutter above your crib).
Dos pekl in der hant (A bundle ready in hand,)
Dos hoyz iz ash un brand; (The house by fire rent)
Mir lozn zikh, mayn kind, (We are off, my child,)
Zukhn glik (To seek good luck.)
Isaiah Spiegel

Over the world, it is known by people and they think about it. Why??...
Leaders of Jews could do nothing for their people...
Multitudes of other strangers always were carrying on...
Horrible event this is to Jews..
Murderers were inhuman; they are beasts...
Killing the Jews or someone was very meaningless...
Inhuman thing is murdering humans, I  know...
Silencing of Jews; they were very innocent...

Mehmet Aslan

Aviha's Summer

Famous story of a mother who was a Holocaust survivor and protected her daughter in the most obsessive way. Her memories of the Holocaust did not leave her or her daughter.

We dedicate this picture to hopes for peace and love. The love of a mother and child is the most powerful kind of love that exists.

Liora 4th grade
Ein Ganim Israel