Materials- Holocaust Unit
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For use with reading and writing with the Holocaust Unit.
Time Capsule - (Holocaust Museum lesson)


Created by teacher who are part of the GlobalDreamers community.
Janusz Korczak

"Children are human beings now." Janusz Korczak would not leave his over 200 'children of the street' to travel alone to Treblinka. He remained and died with them. Lesson contains links to stories of his life, exercises to process the knowledge, and a story written by him about tolerance amongst children for those who are different.

Keren Levy, Irone Zion, Tel-Aviv

Holocaust Museum Exhibits Lesson based on the online exhibits from the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington D.D. created by Janet Barnstable, Julian Middle School USA. Contains directions and examples of student work along with rubric for evaluating time capsule.
Project Guide "How to" create your own project on the Anne Frank, the Holocaust, WWII.

Mirjam Pinkhof

Barbara Szymanska Makuch

Ellen Nielsen

Readings/reflections about Holocaust rescuers.

Rubric for reflections.
Based on the lesson (from

Shiraz Dror, Beit Berl College

Children of the Holocaust

Snippets from Anne Frank's diary. Read, reflect.
Based on

Shiraz Dror, Beit Berl College


Word Finds

Can be printed from the web page - answer keys are separate pages.
Prayer Service
Go here first to read the poem and learn about the prayer service. Then give the students copies of the word search to find words related to this page.
Learning Unit Also based on the prayer service above.
Learning Center General word search with Holocaust related words.


Can be printed from the web page - answer keys are separate pages.
Holocaust A simple nine clue crossword. You might want a word bank for younger students.
Auschwitz Diary To be used upon reading about the visit to Auschwitz by 8th graders and their teacher from IGK School in Croatia.


Work right on the web. Many of these are about Holocaust survivors.
Anne Frank A fill the gap exercise based on the life and times of Anne Frank. Created by Rozalija Baricevic
Sonia Frenkel

Marsha's mother Sonia has two parts: one about her, and one Marsha's feelings.

Leo Heinman Read this first. You can keep a copy open as you work.
Grandparents Two short stories: read Harel and Guy about their heroic grandparents.
Miri's Mother The story is here. Read it first, then try the quiz.
Danuta Venclauska Recipient of the Righteousnes of the Nations Award, Danuta was a true heroine.
Sarah Oren Sarah shares her families experiences during the war, and the whole town that was destroyed.
Memorial Day At Ein Ganim as all over Israel, memorial day is special.
Scavenger Hunt With this quiz you will have to search around the entire site. See how many questions you can answer. It's even OK to work in a group.


Work right on the web. These go with material in the Holocaust unit.
Never give up Based on a poem by Lilian from China.
Diary Vocabulary
Part 1 - Part 2
This vocabulary building exercise is to be used after reading about the visit to Auschwitz by 8th graders and their teacher from IGK School in Croatia.
Holocaust Flowers Create a happy flower with good words, opposites of the ones shown.

Mind Map

Never Give Up Read Lillian's poem and map the concepts found there.
Sonia Frenkel Read about Sonia, and about Marsha's feelings. See if you can fill in all the 'clouds'.


General use, not tied to any particular portion of the unit.
Falling Phrase Using the letters shown put the phrase together.
Tile Phrase Cut apart the tiles and put together into a phrase.
Maze Typical maze.
Acrostic Poem Create a poem using the word HOLOCAUST. [alternate] See student samples.
Stories of Courage Read about courageous people; []
Write poem, play, essay. [finished example]
Ein Ganim For students at Ein Ganim, a feedback page...
Poster Summary After studying the Holocaust unit, students in Puerto Rico created posters.