silence about injustice hurts

Surviving the Holocaust:
a Dedication to Sonia Frenkel

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Audio: Sounds of Silence


Safe Haven: Warsaw Zoo
U S Holocaust Museum
TakaMori High School
Students on Safe Haven SPOT Language School
Long Beach Middle School Sint-Amandus School

Ein Ganim - 5th | 6th | Mrs. Saadia

Amity's Visit to Poland
Remembrance Day - Ein Ganim San Ignacio de Loyola
Percy Julian Middle School Harrison Elementary School
St. Mark's Senior Secondary School West View Elementary School
Lincoln Elementary School Gimnazjum #4
Inami Junior High School Long Beach Middle School
Umitkoy Anatolian High School The Paper Clip Project
The Auschwitz Album
Israeli National TV Show - Taping ||| Broadcast
Ein Ganim kids react to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech in the United Nations in September and the prime minister sent a warm letter of thanks to Marsha and the 6th graders.At the top of the letter the principal Hedy Rosenthal left a compliment to Marsha and the kids for their hard work.