The United States Congress established the Days of Remembrance as the nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust and created the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a permanent living memorial to the victims.


The life stories of Holocaust survivors remind us of the constant need to be vigilant and to confront hatred whenever and wherever it occurs.https://www.ushmm.org/information/visit-the-museum/programs-activities/first-person-program/first-person-podcast

Recognizing Geoncide Today https://www.ushmm.org/confront-genocide

Learning site for students https://www.ushmm.org/learn/students/the-holocaust-a-learning-site-for-students

#WEREMEMBER movement

Elaine Frenkel, Connecticut  Elaine and Marsha are daughters of Aaron Frenkel and Sonia Welis Frenkel  "Our father Aaron Frenkel was a Holocaust survivor and a partizan. He died two years ago at age 93. Our mother Sonia Welis Frenkel was a Holocaust survivor from Majdanek and Auschwitz . She dedicated her life to her loving husband, children and grandchildren and died at the early age of 67."

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We will never forget! GlobalDreamers Main Holocaust Site
Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo - The movie of a couple who saved three hundred from capture! Link to the movie - click resources above.
Mrs. Teweles - Video of an interview with a woman whose family escaped.