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Yad Vashem Hall of Names by David Shankbone

Pinchas Gutter, Holocaust survivor, interviewed by Steve Sherman []

Remembrance Day at the United Nations
Noah Kliger
A Trip to Majdanek
Golda High School Remembrance Wall
Old Jewish cemetery of Kėdainiai, Lithuania
Remembering the past... by Marsha Goren
 "My father Aaron Frenkel was a Holocaust survivor and a partizan. He died the yea rbefore last at the old age of 93. My mother Sonia Welis Frenkel was a Holocaust survivor from Majdanek and Auschwitz . She dedicated her life to her loving husband, children and grandchildren and died at the early age of 67."

Learning for the future.... We cannot say, 'never again' wfhen we look around our troubled world, but we can say 'not while I can act!' 

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Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo - The movie of a couple who saved three hundred from capture! Link to the movie - click resources above.
Mrs. Teweles - Video of an interview with a woman whose family escaped.